Just like the content of 702 DZAS programs

In my early twenties,  I sensed (it wasn’t the first time, though) that life could be very stressful at times and everyone has to deal with a problem or two.  I love reading newspapers and listening to the radio, but sometimes, the effect of  being “informed” or “up-to-date” is depressing.

This made me think of a website where people will just encourage each other, share an experience, a poem, a quotation or a meaningful song… to help each other get by.  Is it Leo Buscaglia’s “Living, Loving and Learning” where the author says,  “We all go through a point where we sort of dry out… and all we need is a little bit of moisture to get us started again”?

I still love listening to AM news.  Everybody needs to keep abreast with the times and know facts before he or she can form a good opinion, but goodness… if all we ever get to hear is how the government spends taxpayers’ money or how many times the cost of fuel rises in a month, how can we have the energy we need for the day’s tasks and challenges?

I discovered I have been tuning in to 702 DZAS more, these days.  And you know what?  I remember the website I thought of creating years ago.  In a sense, my aim is fulfilled by the very programs aired by 702 DZAS. So today, I say, thank you to one of my favorite radio stations.

I love “Day By Day”… and among our local pastors I think no one can preach with such passion, depth, simplicity, sincerity and humor as Pastor Ed Lapiz . He is like Charles Stanley.  When you listen to these men, you want to hear more and more.

If you are also an avid listener, comment on this blog to share what you like about 702 DZAS programs.

God bless!


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