Can you help me find these leaders?

Wanted: policy makers and leaders who will…

…teach people how to think and not exploit them;

… support policies that will benefit the greater majority and not their vested interests;

…think of the Filipinos’ future and not just material gains;

…do what they need for the people, even if it’s not popular;

…expose corrupt practices in search of justice and not as a form of vengeance or a means of political assassination;

…enact policies that will develop and conserve whatever is left of our natural resources and not tolerate practices that will deplete them further;

…not appoint relatives, friends and classmates to sensitive government positions just to ensure that they are protected;

…fire appointees whose actions/decisions are contrary to the very purpose of their appointment, and do it right away;

… spend government money on worthwhile projects that will truly improve health care, roads, garbage collection, flood prevention, education and not just spend coins for releases and figures;

…spend only what is needed… so as to cut the budget deficit and not create a need to borrow more money;

…show a strong sense of responsibility and accountability so that these leaders and their subordinates will have the delicadeza to resign if they fall short of what is expected of them;

…strive to help people become productive and not just depend on dole outs these people will thank them for during election period;

…develop a reliable system to know the officials who are not performing as they should, and demand a written explanation even without public clamor;

…have a clear population policy and not just keep mum on the issue of rapid population explosion for fear of losing the support of influential groups;

… remain imperfect,  but strive to really help make a difference in the lives of Filipinos during their term, and even beyond – not necessarily by running again or by doing something to extend their term.

Can you help me find these leaders, please?


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