A Review of Marlene Legaspi – Munar’s “Add Mo ‘Ko As Friend”

by Marilyn C. Arayata

For all the practical tips and questions a reader will surely ask himself, “Add Mo ‘Ko As Friend: Your Link to Real Relationships” from OMF Lit is definitely a good read.  The book contains important ideas, tips and reminders every teen ager has to know on friendship. Even an adult like me was reminded of a few things!

The author, Marlene Legaspi – Munar aptly used the oft-repeated request, “Add Mo ‘Ko As Friend” to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of social networking sites.  To complete the package, she included useful precautions, as well as courteous practices for people who use such sites to get connected.

The book devotes a chapter to make the readers assess themselves as friends.  Offline friends have responsibilities, and Munar includes things that are normally expected: acceptance, encouragement, protection, as well as the simplest act of remembering birthdays.

Written for young people and using a style that is easy to understand, the book enumerates friendship busters and gives a guide for introverts and extroverts to become better friends.  The book also tells readers to consider adding what Munar refers to as “unlikely friends” – aunts, uncles, household help, as well as one’s own siblings.

In the last chapter, the author introduces Jesus, the Perfect friend, and tells the readers how to be His friend. She also encourages the latter to develop pleasing characteristics and to be more forgiving, like Jesus.

This book may be intended for young people, but adults will also find themselves asking questions like I did:

How will I rate myself as a friend?

What else can I offer my friends besides Facebook messages and text messages?

One of the author’s questions in the final pages of the book is definitely for all ages:

“What can you do to your closest friends and those in your inner circle… to make them know that you accept them for who they are?” (p.66)

Not only is the book successful in making me realize my shortcomings as a friend.  It is also successful in motivating others to add Jesus as a friend and to reach out to more people “just because”.


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