Hope Boosters Seminar


The mere fact that we are still alive is an indication that we still have a mission.  God made us for a purpose. Everything we enjoy – our strength, talents, and skills – all these gifts were given to be used, that God may be glorified through us.  But how can this purpose be fulfilled if we fail to cope:  if we can not unleash our full potential because we are fed up?


Nobody becomes fed up or severely discouraged in an instant, in the same way that nobody becomes fired up in a wink of an eye! The point is, feelings of hopelessness can be prevented.  We should not wait until we or someone we care about is on the verge of despair.  Life is too precious to be wasted.

There are masks for pollution; alcohol and vaccines for germs and diseases; values, strategies, and verses for temptations; CCTV and an arsenal of tactics for enemies. What’s our shield from the paralyzing and damaging effects of the inability to cope with life’s realities?


Hope boosters will help you cope with challenges.  They will not wipe away your problems and your tears, but they will make life more bearable despite the sadness and heartaches. If the principles and tips are seriously and consistently applied, these are effective in finding “endless hope”, instead of a “hopeless end”.

There is no single idea or strategy that can drive away our sadness, worries, and fears.  We need to constantly depend on various hope boosters, because the enemy repeatedly tweets a negative message – especially when we are not on guard.


How many people turn to negative things – alcohol, drugs, gambling, and even wrong relationships – when repeatedly faced with stressors?

While other individuals do not seem to have any vices, or obviously unpleasant choices, they have simply given up on learning, growing, and sharing their talents to contribute in nation-building.  Indeed, people can not give what they do not have.  Thus, I am reaching out to both young and mature people through “Hope Boosters”, a seminar to help them find encouragement amidst different pressures.

Attending this seminar will help participants:

(1.) Learn effective hope boosters or coping strategies;

(2.) Get inspiration from the stories of people who went through challenges and fought their way to success; and

(3.) Evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, in order to become better citizens and leaders.

Nobody is spared from different kinds of challenges and disasters whether natural, emotional or financial, but you can make life more bearable! You need a pro-active and reflective stance against persistent feelings of loneliness.

Young or old, we face  endless stressors, so we all need hope boosters, not just to cope, but also to get fired up, not fed up!

E-mail: mc_arayata@yahoo.com

Copyright 2012 by Marilyn C. Arayata.  All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, broadcast, or transmitted in any form, or by any means, without the prior written permission of the copyright owner.


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