A Call for Responsible Reporting on Suicide

This is a call for responsible and ethical stories on suicide.

What do most reports on suicide contain? Do they help prevent more suicides? Do they give hope and healthy options to heavily confused and depressed individuals? Do they include help lines?

I have other important concerns:

  1. Why report the specific method used by the victim when it produces a copycat effect?
  2. Why state a cause as if it were a fact when nobody knows all the circumstances behind a person’s decision to end his life?  Besides, even suicide notes can be easily fabricated.
  3. Unless committed in a public place, you know that a person wanted it to remain private.  Why publish a report when it does nothing to give hope to the hopeless?
  4. The effect of suicide on relatives is beyond comprehension.  Why aggravate the situation by mentioning the complete names of victims?

I think the above-mentioned concerns are enough to urge media groups to adhere to a set of guidelines for responsible reporting on suicide!


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