On Reading “Healing and Happiness for Wounded Children”

 As the book’s editor, I wanted to refrain from giving a review, but I want to write something from the point of view of a reader.

I could not reconcile these: a very insecure child who kept most of her feelings to herself and a grown up who shared many of her painful childhood experiences.  Kathleen Bautista shows both in her e-bookHealing and Happiness for Wounded Children”.

I cried several times as I read the book.  Why am I still crying while writing this (more of a reaction)?  Maybe because all of us (whatever the family background) are wounded in some ways – and all of us want to claim “healing” and “happiness” so we can enjoy life despite the imperfections while we strive to achieve what God created us for.  Now, I understand.  You have to make people SEE what you went through and how you managed to rise from this painful situation… because only then can you truly convince them that healing is possible and that happiness is a choice!

I am sure that the author will inspire countless individuals, especially children who come from broken homes, and married couples who think that separation is the only  option – through this powerful book!




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